Worship, the Core of a Life of Faith

True worship empowers believers to overcome the world by the provision of God¡¯s grace and His life giving power.

Worship in New Testament Times

Worship in New Testament times was characterized by simplicity, freedom, the power of the Holy Spirit, the Truth and believers who sought God with a contrite heart. The desire of Yullin Church is to worship in accordance with The Spirit of New Testament Times.

Worship Service Information

Service Time
Sunday Session 1 8:00 am *Chinese simultaneous translation is available.
Session 2 10:00 am
Session 3 12:00 am *English simultaneous translation is available.
Session 4 2:00 pm
Session 5 4:00 pm

* Please go to the reception desk to obtain a headset for listening to the sermon in English or Chinese.

Mid Week Meetings

Every morning there are two sessions of early Morning Prayer at 5.00 and 6.00 am.
Wednesday worship takes place at 8.00 pm on Wednesday evening and provides an opportunity for members to worship together and study the Bible.
There is a Friday Evening Prayer Meeting which starts at 8.00 pm each Friday. All members are encouraged to join the meeting.

Pastoral care, ¡°Loving Each Other and Living like Jesus¡±

Pastoral care involves loving one another; this is what Jesus requires of His people. Even if you understand God's Word and have an excellent knowledge of God, you cannot fully comprehend the depth of God¡¯s love without experiencing the joy of a genuine pastoral relationship. This genuine pastoral relationship is only possible through the individual relationship that the pastor and believer have with God.

Yullin church is organized into small divisions to help believers love and care for one another both spiritually and practically.

The Pastoral Care Structure

Adults Groups

When you get older and busier, will your faith stop growing? People who attend one of the pastoral groups for adults seek to grow in maturity by knowing God more deeply. We must treasure a passion for the glory of God throughout our lives.

Group Activities Bible Study for newcomers
Bible Study for growth in faith
Bible Study for sanctification
Pastoral visiting

Youth Groups

How do you wish to spend the time of your youth (a time of physical strength and passion)? Those who attend these youth groups are precious young people who desire to commit their youth to God. They wish to be a delight to God by emptying themselves in order to be filled with God's love.

Group Activities Bible Study for newcomers
Pastoral visiting
Campus Visiting

Sunday school

Sunday school is for children who are growing up learning about Jesus. Jesus is the best inheritance for every child. We look after young souls with the heart of Jesus, from infants through to high school students.

Other Programs for nurturing faith

Various programs are run all year-round to help members charge their souls and build up their faith. Three regular events are the conference and a seminar for Yullin Church members and Seminary Students.

Blessings from God¡¯s Word

1. Conference

The aim of the conference is to the Word of God deeply through systematic teaching.
The New Year Conference is held for 5 days at the beginning of the year to help believers focus on beginning the year spiritually.
The Cross Conference focuses on the center of the Christian faith, ¡°The Cross¡±. It is held during Passion Week in April.
The Conference in the woods is a family conference aimed at studying the Word during the summer vacation (in August). It is now held once every three years.

2. Seminar

Seminars on special topics are held periodically to help mature the faith of believers. There are two seminars, one is called ¡°The Yullin Seminar¡± and the other is for seminary students.
The Yullin Seminar is for everyone including non-believers and Christians who attend Yullin Church and other Churches. Participants have reported that it has been very beneficial in encouraging their life of faith.
The titles of previous seminars were:

"Celibacy, Love and Marriage of young adults"
"Doctrine on Spirituality and Mortification of Sin¡°
¡°An Expectation of Revival from the Life and Preaching of Martin Lloyd Jones"
"The Glory and Recovery of Service"
"The Reformed Theology of Sanctification and the Puritan Doctrine of Keeping the Heart"
¡°The Mark of Jesus¡±

The Seminar for Seminary Students is for those registered in Yullin Church who attend seminary schools. Its aim is to provide them with time to reflect on the depth of their identity and calling, and to prepare them for their ministry. The seminar is usually held for two days and one night in a remote location during the winter vacation.

Family Picnic

This event enables all church members to have a grand picnic in May. The month of May is designated as a ¡°Family Month¡±. All members from the young to the elderly enjoy sharing fellowship together in the spring season.